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Bont brake pad replacement

Bont brake pad replacement

The K2 pad works pretty well if you redrill the hole. I also put a small hole in the Bont bolt, and tapped it. A bit of shuddering, but they wear like iron, and stop well-

May have to give up on this website.

None of my financial institutions have password requirements as rigid as this.

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Thanks for the note about using a K2 pad to replace a Bont one

Hi Milt! Thanks for going through the rigorous process to join here. Yes it is a multi-stage process because we had so many attempts by robots, and weak passwords for existing members represent one way bots and individuals (lots of them from Russia, China, Pakistan, it seems) try to get in. Thanks again for going to the trouble. I've always liked the K2 brake pads and wondered if I might be able to adapt them (or maybe the Rollerblade ones) to use on my Gatorbrake. The pads on the Gatorbrake are nice, but perhaps wear a bit quickly. (Do others have thoughts on that?) A few questions, if you check back and decide to answer... When you say redrill the hole, does that mean redrill the hole in the K2 brake pad or one on the Bont brake assembly? I'm not sure how it all came together since I don't know the Bont brake well. Which Bont skates do you have? Thanks again, Milt. Hope you'll stay and share.

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