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  • Reply to: Fuel Your Workout? Or is Fasting and Exercise Better?   2 days 10 hours ago

    The keto method is viable, but difficult to follow. I tried it for a few weeks and found the lack of sugar was the best part of the diet. Another resource to check out is at Cardiochick where there's information about eating a vegan diet and exercising. Biking is a helpful way to lose weight, but you can also ski or take on a new hobby.

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  • Reply to: A Yellow Bike to Ride Alone   15 weeks 6 days ago

    Thanks for the song! I like the straightforward delivery of the recording & video, as if you're sat listening to someone talking, across the table. 

    I'm intrigued by the article on the WAMU page, discussing the artists wrapped up in the theme of the 'brokenness in life' - specifically that boygenius consists of three (probably very talented) females! 

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  • Reply to: Fuel Your Workout? Or is Fasting and Exercise Better?   50 weeks 1 day ago

    Good to have a marker for this topic as I change my mind on it all the time (usually to rationalize eating a particular food). 

    I can't post any experience on what's best before racing, going flat-out or being competitive because I never really do those things. 

    I think anybody with a history of struggles with eating, or possessing a brain hard wired on the obsessive side should steer clear of trying to fast on purpose.  

    It's difficult to get the nutrition balance right in extreme events and conditions. I find it an ongoing challenge. 

    A friend of mine who is no longer a frenzied competitor has had to quit eating at 6pm every day to avoid reflux during the night, and is finding other beneficial outcomes such being able to eat what she wants during the other hours while losing some unwanted weight. But she has removed the intense exercise portion from her life, so no feedback from that perspective. 

    In regard to the Keto diet method - I've eaten that way in the past before it was called anything and long term it was not conducive to anything over 40 mins of skating; average HR through the roof, dizziness and passing out. But anybody can try anything and we're all different! 

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  • Reply to: 2018 USA Olympic Long Track Speed Skaters and Social Media Links   51 weeks 1 day ago

    I'm wondering if there's ever been a study of the number of hours spent on television interviews, magazine layouts, advertising filming, and other distractions from training and focus in the run up to the Olympics vs. performance at the Olympics. I think the USA athletes showed well, of course, but it did seem there were a lot of underachievers (just as likely from too much expectation built up, or is it from too much distraction during key times for preparation). I wonder if Olympic athletes make a conscious choice for the money ahead of the games, which is certain, over the much more money they might make after the games, upon success.

    I know. There's no way to know.

    But some teams seem to peak right, and others, less so. 

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  • Reply to: NC, a Hotbed of Olympic Speedskating   51 weeks 1 day ago

    Great article and kudos to those who ran the program at Rol-a-Rink in High Point. I went down there a few times, and as I recall, it's a small rink. This may help those who train there in terms of staying closer to the cones even when away from them. They have had monster skaters come out of that rink, and Greensboro's Skateland USA sites have not done too badly, either. I recall a rink in Winston-Salem where I "raced" once; the cool thing there was they had a one night a week speed session for older adults (meaning above, say, 30). Most of the time I skated with the kids session on Saturday mornings, as I was never going to be fast, and I enjoyed nobody thinking I was taking it seriously as a racer in the tiny elliplses. 

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  • Reply to: Roadskater.net RSN2.com Update   52 weeks 3 hours ago

    Just a quick note to say I have updated the Google News feeds so they are no longer deprecated nor defecated. I got rid of or combined some pro cycling stuff that is seasonal (combined and made more general the Giro, Tour, Vuelta items. With a nod to timv, I added a unicycling section. I also moved things but they may move again. The feeds probably come out for you differently than for me. Some feeds seem to pull the same content with different RSS links. I tried to boost the number of articles that will show up for training topics of general interest. Also i tried to get some more inline-related info, which I think will be better after the Olympics. Some blocks and headers won't refresh until your machine clears its caches. I hope this will bring along some more good info, and it seems the links in the right sidebar are working better. Also, recall that you can hit that icon with the b in a box to initiate an article on a feed item, and it usually brings along a photo. I haven't tried it lately. Enjoy! Skateylove!

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  • Reply to: Heart Rate Monitors, Fitness Trackers, Garmin Vivosmart HR & Fitbit Charge HR   52 weeks 6 hours ago

    Everybody knows I love most things about Garmin equipment (except please let us delete individual laps, at least the last one, from within the 310xt, as we could with the 305!). Based on your comments, however, and my current interest in tracking sleep and interruptions to it, the Fitbit Charge HR sounds interesting. 

    I did run Google "Fit" on my phone today and look to see what was there. It seems that last year until sometime in April, Fit was tracking my walking and "biking" (the latter of which represents my lunchtime skating and  afterwork skating). It seems it was doing this based on my phone movements rather than my wrist, because I take the LG G Watch W100 off usually when I am wearing the Garmin 310xt. 

    As for today, Fit did a good job of tracking my walking during breaks at work. It says I burned 1556 calories so far (at about 9:45pm), 226 from moving and 1329 from being inactive so far today. Ha! 

    On the LG W100 (which runs Android Wear), there are 2 apps: Fit, and FIt Workout. Fit gives me a summary of how many minutes I was active (48), showing 4820 steps, .69 mi., 1046 cals (not sure about that one). The FIt app on the watch does let you set goals per day, and the Android Fit app did allow me to pick Inline Skating as an activity. The watch app is pretty good, actually, letting you edit your weight and height. It looks like the W100 Fit Android Wear app lets you start a workout and pick from among your 4 favorite activities, or a long list of others. Not bad. The W100 Android Wear "Fit Workout" app seems to just be a slightly more direct way to get to that screen where you pick your workout.

    I've been looking on https://slickdeals.net/, where I often go to read reviews from the cheapskate point of view, and to look for refurbs and such. March is a good month to buy tech on the way out, if I recall (certainly was true of B&N Nook tablets). It looks like Microcenter has Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Alta 2 for $75, and if you shop close enough to an MC zip code, Best Buy will price match. I don't know all the details, but the folks on that website do! With so many models, Garmin and Fitbit do run the risk of making it too complicated or uncertain for some to just buy it. It looks like newer models with perhaps more features are sub $75, though.

    As noted, I'm far more likely to try a Fitbit after this info, especially for the sleep/activity tracking, so thanks for taking the time to write your experience. 

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  • Reply to: NC, a Hotbed of Olympic Speedskating   1 year 18 hours ago

    This is so good to see. Great article. Thanks for posting about it. I like these bits:

    "The transition to blades is difficult because of the different mechanics involved. Griffin said it’s taken him six years to feel good on ice.

    "This is a sport that’s so unorthodox and so unnatural as far as body position," he said. "The physics of the sport that allow you to go fast just aren’t things that the body naturally wants to do. I think it takes most people no less than 5-6 years to be like really good."

    I wonder if he means ice or inline? Perhaps he means speed skating in general. 


    I love this:

    "Thirteen inline skaters have won 11 of 18 individual Olympic long track medals for the U.S. since 2002."

    Although I'm trying to figure out what that means. 

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  • Reply to: Heart Rate Monitors, Fitness Trackers, Garmin Vivosmart HR & Fitbit Charge HR   1 year 1 day ago

    Answering some of your questions... Both the Vivosmart HR and the Charge HR spec battery charge as 5 days and that seems realistic to me. I just charge them both on Sunday and Wednesday nights because that's the easiest way to remember when I did it last. I don't time it but it seems like one hour is enough to get them back to fully charged.

    Each device has a dedicated USB charging cable, which is OK for me since I always charge in the same place but might be problematic for folks who are on the road a lot, one more thing to remember to pack and not leave some place along the way. But I understand that standard USB socket designs aren't so great for minimal-size wearable devices or weather resistance.

    On both units, the power connections are on the back, so you have to take them off for charging. There's no avoiding it and no consequences other than not recording data during that interval. It makes sense to do it while you're taking a shower or doing anything where not much interesting will happen.

    The electrical energy cost of step tracking should be very low. The Nike+ Fuel band and the original Fitbit band device did that (and only that) with some pretty tiny batteries. I'm not sure, but the big power hit from GPS usage might come mostly from the heavy-duty math it takes to derive position and velocity from the raw radio data received from several satellites. Step tracking is a lot easier to do than that.

    You've asked me before about waterproof-ness of them. The Garmin is listed as waterproof while Fitbit only claims that the Charge HR is weather-resistant. The popular opinion is that Fitbit is being conservative there. The Vivosmart's touch-screen interface can be troublesome in wet conditions (as it was this morning when it was merely muggy, not raining yet) but that's the only issue I've noticed with either of them, having run in the rain with both many times.

    Both units pair with their matching phone app and need to be synced regularly to transfer data to the wider world. For the Vivosmart HR, the Garmin Connect app is used and data is immediately uploaded to the Garmin Connect website. For the Charge HR, the Fitbit app and website do the same. The Garmin Connect website has good facilities for exporting workout data to other tracking services. Fitbit is clumsier about that, but I was eventually able to export a .tcx file for a workout that Strava would read and accept. Strava accounts can also be linked to either device, though I haven't tried that yet. I see that both Garmin and Fitbit appear in the list of watches and sensors integrated with Endomondo.

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  • Reply to: Crowd-Sourced Color Names by XKCD   1 year 3 days ago

    Yes among adults, but the young can often be embarrassed by the young they're photographed next to at the prom. But thanks for thinking "giddiness." I'll take it!

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