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Crowd-Sourced Color Names by XKCD

timv's picture

Yesterday, I was looking at the formatting options for a graphing package and noticed an option to use named colors "from the xkcd survey."

That was a new thing to me. As it turns out, the author of the xkcd.com comics created an online survey of color names about five years ago and over 200,000 users contributed; discussion of results here. It's pretty funny and it's also real science. Because color names are weird.

You can also look at a list sorted alphabetically by name which reveals some rather interesting properties of the set.

Connection to our little corner of existence: I'm guessing roadskater's long since grown tired of my feeble joke, but I called a printed cloth banner, something like what's below, "the national flag of Roadskater.net" when he unfurled it and flew it from the trunklid of his car in the parking lot of Country Park, pondering the color choice for another batch of jerseys.

Pantone chart on fabric

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