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Kudos to Greensboro NC for Center City Park Wireless WiFi Access

Hello to all after a few days away when even RSN2.com took a day or two off! I'm sitting in Greensboro's Center City Park using the Wifi connection, and I must say this is nice. At about 8pm, the light is fading and the temperature is cooling a bit from a nice warm day. I decided against skating for several reasons, one being the orange level air quality warning, a very late schedule of sleeping and waking, and some work that needed to be done.

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Inline Skate Police Keep Watch as Champs-Élysées Becomes Strip Mall Some Say

If for no other reason we here in the United States remember the Champs-Élysées as the scene of many yellow jerseyed moments over the last few years. But it seems the French are worried that the street has descended into megastore commercialism, losing the flavor held so long as a romantic refuge for artists and those who love them. A recent piece in the International Herald Tribune mentions skating police briefly among many other interesting facts and opinions...

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Skating Criminals: No Drugs, No Alcohol, Just Wheels

Another bunch of criminals are causing law enforcement and other government figures worry. Drunk and drugged drivers and shoplifters and robbers don't seem to be keeping everyone busy enough, so skateboarders are getting the ire of the law. I'm not a fan of grinders, but for those that want to travel by wheel instead of by car, and exercise their legs outdoors without damaging property, why should these guys be stuck in a skate park? As long as kids on bikes are allowed, there's no good reason kids on skateboards shouldn't be. I liked how these guys represented their sport with grace and style in this piece from the Daily Advance. Good luck, kids!

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Défi 2006 Report Montréal Québec Inline Skate Race

OK - here it is...  Perhaps my longest writeup ever... 

Le Défi de L'Île de Montréal -- October 21, 2006

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Tegaderm - 8th day

About 6 Tegaderm patches later... I now finally see a pink loop around the wound. It still hurts, and actually more so now than 1 day post-wreck. There's still about 1.5 inches diameter circle of goop in there.

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