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One Last Night of Analog Television with the 1987 Sony Watchman FD-10A as Digital Transition Forces Obsolescence

As June 12, 2009 rolls in, I'm enjoying the last chance to watch a very little analog TV on the Sony watchman. This black-and-white gem of electronics was made in Japan in April 1987 (no wimply disappearing sticker here...this baby's on the back outside of the case and is still easy to read).

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Where Do Those TSA and Other Security Confiscated Pen Knives, Manicure Scissors, Skate Tools Go? How About Stolen Guitars?

I bet you've had a skate tool taken now and then at airport security, right? I did. I had a somewhat sentimental first edition roadskater.net (home-branded) long handle Allen wrench taken when I boarded with my skates, forgetting to put the tool in luggage. They were entirely uncaring and unhelpful of course.

Maybe USPS could have Priority Mail boxes and APCs there and we could mail them to ourselves! The government would make some money but at least in the service of us keeping our personal stuff, instead of them making money off our personal stuff. Huh?


Cruisin' in the Country (the first century I skated) Claxton, Georgia
United States
32° 9' 40.734" N, 81° 54' 14.6772" W
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Open Letter to UNC-TV Regarding Over-the-Air UNC-KD UNC-ED Public Television Broadcast Changes September 2008

I watch free TV, meaning I have an antenna (up in the attic no less, as I'm not sure I want to attract lightning, deal with installation woes, and risk the oak trees damaging the antenna when limbs land on the roof). I receive digital broadcasts, and don't pay for cable television (but do for internet). On good days I can get programming I would not get on cable, including broadcasts from Durham, Raleigh, Roanoke and more. Some days, however, I admit I have trouble getting WXII in Winston-Salem, or WUNC-TV from Chapel Hill or Winston-Salem.


10 T.W. Alexander Drive P.O. Box 14900
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709-4900
United States
Phone: 800 906 5050
35° 56' 1.122" N, 78° 52' 0.5376" W
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Transformers Movie Spoofs Speed Skating Citroen C4 Ad

At my son's urging, we finally watched the Transformers movie last night. At about 1 hour 50 we were treated to Transformer 'Bumblebee' speed skating down a highway. This is the clip they showed on the Oscars, prompting me to yell "Hey! That robot just did a crossover!".


United States
53° 23' 54.3732" N, 1° 25' 28.6536" W
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Inline Skaters Get Great Tour de France TV Coverage and Comments

Just a quick note to say that on today's stage of the Tour de France, some inline skaters made the video coverage and were even commented upon favorably by Phil Liggett (and maybe by Paul Sherwen too).

The first view was of the solo race leader with a solo skater in a low race position making good time on a road parallel to the TdF course.

The second view a few minutes later was of four skaters on the parallel road, behind the full peloton, with fields of sunflowers in the foreground and between the two roads.

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Tour de France 2007 Streaming Video Free TV & Heart Rate Monitoring

For those who don't have cable television but do have high-speed internet, here are some links that may (or may not) work for you to watch some worldwide television. Currently, of course, this is of interest because of the Tour de France. Look below for some links to the live data for GPS (location), power, heartrate and more. It's amazing to watch the video as the riders pass through a town and make a turn and to see this happen on the Google map while viewing HRM data.

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Inline Skaters (Rollerbladers) Roll Through Art Museum in ABC Series

This Thursday night "The Traveler" rolls out with rollerblading (inline skating) pranks involving three kids skating through an art museum. This reminds me of Bertolucci's The Dreamers, which contains an attempt at breaking the record for running from one end of the Louvre to the other, itself a reference to Godard's Bande à part (as ever, wikipedia.com has much on both films). I understand also that Looney Tunes: Back in Action has a scene where Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are chased through the Louvre. Anyway, check your local listings for the ABC channel near you to see some skaytn on teevee. Previews I've read indicate the quality of the show to be less than amazing, but how often do we get to see any skating of any inline kind on the tele? So if I get a chance, I'll watch. Thought you'd like to know...

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From Skatetown USA 1979 to Bold and Beautiful Brooke and Hunter Tylo's Trout Pout

OK you know I love connections, but this is ridiculous. I didn't know there was a skate connection here. I just happened to run across The Bold and the Beautiful on my way across channels, looking for something interesting for a midday break. I have a rule against ever watching any soap operas unless they're in a language I don't understand or cleverly disguised as a night-time continuing drama, like with film-quality production values at least.

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TV Weather Men and Weather Women and Global Dumbing

Finally someone said it in print. I don't claim to know the truth about anything, but I know how I feel, sometimes.

Recalling the movies, Network and Broadcast News and after recent viewings of An Inconvenient Truth and The Fog of War, it's not hard to notice how our television weather anchors are literally oxymoronically dead weight fluff (most of them), avoiding any weather issues other than the 3-degree guarantee. Of course they are just the break between advertisements, so what do we expect?

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Free Internet TV Cable World Series Repeats ABC CBS NBC Fox ESPN Asia Chinese Deutsche Welle

Last night we watched Sketches of Frank Gehry (see http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0446784/), a nice little documentary about the architect who designed the Guggenheim in Bilbao, among many other twisted cool buildings. Some of the most fun was watching them take scissors to their models of buildings and mix bits about.

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