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speedskates (speed skates)

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Fix Inline Speed Skates: Boot Mounting Block Repair How To Cheap DIY for Powerslide C4 or Other Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass Boots

I am not recommending anyone else do this, just telling what I did and showing some of it. If you can't do this or don't think it is a good idea, get some professional repair help, or better yet, buy new boots! 

A few years back I replaced my Mogema and my beloved Verducci V-Tec boots after deciding they were too far gone to fix. Believe me. If I can't dream up a fix (whether or not it would work) they really are toast.

Many of my repair dreams involve various types of epoxy (either the two-bottle, dual-syringe, two-tube or the single-tube-of-putty sort made like caramel creams, e.g. waterweld) plus various "found objects" like used USPS Tyvek envelopes (as it's not nice to use the new stuff, ya know?), various kinds of plastic sheeting, air sole material, stuff like that. (Tyvek layers epoxied on can make a decent patch to strengthen some weak carbon spots, in my opinion.) 

JonathanS's picture

Nice socks or A fix for skate blisters

I found these socks and since we are all looking for ways to skip the blisters, thought I'd share.  They are made by WrightSock and are called their Double Layer sock.  I found them at REI, they run about $10-$14 a pair and they are a double layer of a super thin fabric.  Kind of like wearing two socks at once, but with out the thickness.  They are super thin.  I just got my first chance to skate in them, went out for about 35 min.  I'm undecided about how I feel about them.

dtg's picture

Max speed (GPS or cyclist verified), and max speed stories

Yesterday on the Cup N Cone ride here in the Cary, NC area, me, Mark, and Mike went down the infamous "Lystra" road and hit above 50mph (my gps said 51.2mph, Marks 53.1).  I think that was the fastest verified speed I have ever done on skates that I can remember. Mark was out in front and handled it very well considering we had to pass a cyclist going 44mph.

Just wondering what other skaters have as far as "max speed", fun stories, and any ideas for safety.  Also, is there a speed at which skating equipment

roadskater's picture

Bont Generation 3 (Gen 3) 100mm Inline Speed Skate Wheels: That Clicking Sound Could Be the Hubs Cracking, Breaking & Shredding

Just at the end of the Friday "Lonely Hearts Skate" at Country Park with timv the night before the Tour de Lions, I had noticed an odd clicking or rubbing sound coming from my frames, I thought. When I got home I took a quick look but that doesn't always mean much when it's me looking and I'm distracted happily.


Grays Chapel, North Carolina
United States
35° 49' 7.4388" N, 79° 41' 55.8204" W
Bont Generation 3 (Gen 3) Wheel with All Spokes of Hub Broken at the Thinnest Sculpting Point
roadskater's picture

How to Get an Inline Speed Skate Axle Out When the Usual 4mm Hex (Allen) Wrench Will Not Work

[This is not rocket science, as they say, but a simple solution that made a frustrating delay eventually go away. The lever is your friend, except, of course, when it's not...like when it allows you to break things. In this story, however, it's all good...about the only good found in this particular weekend.]
Socket Wrench with 4mm Hex Bit Socket Makes a Good Solid Tool for Removing Stuck Inline Speed Skate Axles
andrewinnc's picture

Skate for LIfe Fundraiser for Josh Zalunardo, Brain Stem Glioma

2008.04.28 6:30 pm
2008.04.28 8:00 pm

I received an email today from Stacey White, part of GT speed team, who is sponsoring the Marathon through the gardens in GA next month. They are involved in a fundraiser to help out Joshua Zalunardo, who was diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma, a life threatening for of cancer. I know a lot of people on this site support many worthwhile causes and thought I would pass this on. Our money and time goes to help someone and we get to have fun doing it.

I have pasted the contents of her email with all the pertinant info...


Jam Skate Center
4817 Milgen Road
Columbus, Georgia
United States
32° 30' 59.2272" N, 84° 54' 40.302" W

My Bont Jet Adventure (Inline Skating Speedskating Boots, Skate Brakes, Stopping, Frame Placement)

I have had my Bont Jet skates for a couple of months now. It’s time to say a few words about them...

First off, a little bit about my skating background and my goals for my new skates. I have been a recreational inline skater for ~15 years and my trusty skates for the last 12 years have been Rollerblade Spiritblades. I decided to get new skates in order to go much longer distances (thus getting more exercise!), hopefully well into 20-30 mile range several times a week.

My journey did not lead directly to the Bont Jet.

roadskater's picture

Bont Semi-Race and Apache Speed Skates Inline Skates Rollerblades on eBay

I just saw an email search result that seems like a good starting price on eBay. Paste this next line into a search on eBay (use the eBay search box on this page any time you want to help support roadskater.net's operating costs) and even if the current item has ended they might have relisted...the title I saw was:

andrewinnc's picture

Question about Inline Speed Skate Wheel Wobble

I am hoping someone can help me solve a major dilemma. I have noticed some of my wheels have developed a severe wobble. It doesn't matter which location I put them on the frame they still wobble. I checked the frames out today and the axles are all inline, surprisingly very much more than I would have thought. So i have ruled out a bent frame. I align my frame with the heel being centered underneath my heel and the front of the frame coming out between my big toe and second toe. This ligns up with a lot of the articles I have read on frame alignment, so I think it is pretty close.

johnnyChen's picture

Ironman, the Melodrama: A Diabetic Brother, Oprah Winfrey, a Herniated Disc & an Ironman Challenge

A few distant friends asked why I quit inline racing. To make a short story long, below is the answer.

Ironman the Journey

I looked at the freshly opened gel pack: is it gonna make me puke or save me from meltdown? My lower back ached at mile 7. 19.2 miles go to. This Ironman thing was hard.

"Midlife Crisis. I can't afford a Porsche."

"Lost a bet."

"Can't find Tour de France on active.com."

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