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Country Park Friends, Skate Fascination, Schwinn Logos, Making it Look Easy Without Realizing it

On Sunday I was still feeling good after 35 miles with pals checking out the Carolina Century western loop. But it has been a bit of a struggle of late to get everything done (OK to get half of it done) that I would love to do for Tour to Tanglewood, roadskating and the Carolina Century, plus junk I just have to deal with in real life...like getting a little exercise and a host of other not nearly as fun tasks.


Greensboro Country Park
Nathanael Green Rd. at Calvin Wiley Rd.
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 7' 50.5596" N, 79° 50' 9.5712" W
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Bont Generation 3 (Gen 3) 100mm Inline Speed Skate Wheels: That Clicking Sound Could Be the Hubs Cracking, Breaking & Shredding

Just at the end of the Friday "Lonely Hearts Skate" at Country Park with timv the night before the Tour de Lions, I had noticed an odd clicking or rubbing sound coming from my frames, I thought. When I got home I took a quick look but that doesn't always mean much when it's me looking and I'm distracted happily.


Grays Chapel, North Carolina
United States
35° 49' 7.4388" N, 79° 41' 55.8204" W
Bont Generation 3 (Gen 3) Wheel with All Spokes of Hub Broken at the Thinnest Sculpting Point
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K2 Radical 90 or 100 or Other Inline Skates, Plus Wheel Size and Frame Placement Tips, Blisters, Pain, Pronation, Supination

Someone on a semi-private internet email list (is there such a thing?) asked a question I thought was well-asked, and I wanted to answer it for them, and for everyone out there who might be thinking about inline skating but doesn't know what to think about all the choices.

Here are the main points of the question, or the ones I wanted to address...


Silver Hill Road
Stone Mountain, Georgia
United States
33° 49' 30.9576" N, 84° 9' 52.3944" W
Stonewall Jacson Drive Stone Mountain, Georgia
United States
33° 47' 43.5444" N, 84° 7' 56.4456" W

I've Made the Leap to 100mm Skates; Plus How to Make the Transition to Inline Speed Skating Boots

It seems after last year's skate boot issues and needing to replace my skates, I have made the break to 100mm skates.  I have recently purchased a pair of X-V racing FOX Skates.  I am not sure what to think about them yet.  They are much lower cut than I am used to and they have 100mm wheels. 

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Some Humor and Some Fodder on the French, Razors, Rollerblades, More

If you want to read some funny comments and real observation (including why we need to be careful and caring when on skates), check out this little piece observing life in heaven, or hell, depending whether you love the little wheels. We need not be a nuisance of course, and plenty of other wheeled and non-wheeled folk are, but remember, we are a minority and thus often must meet a higher standard, or at least it helps if we do! As for the scooters (which I notice in parks parents are less likely to make kids wear a helmet when using!)....


48° 51' 24.0012" N, 2° 21' 3.5532" E
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Bryan's Bont Jet Skates

Bryan's Bont Jet Skates
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Greensboro Bur-Mil Park Great Esskate Replacement Therapy Skate

Eebee, Timv, Bryan and Roadskater went out for a skate for some of us at least to get over not being in Miami. We had fun.

Here are some pics for ye...



Bur-Mil Park (aka Bur Mill Park)
5834 Bur Mill Club Rd
Greensboro, North Carolina 27410
United States
36° 9' 54.09" N, 79° 52' 13.296" W
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